Documentation Deprixa Pro - Courier and Logistics System

Deprixa Pro - Courier & Logistics Integrated System v7.5

Thanks to all the customers who have bought this wonderful script and those who are pending to buy, we are in permanent updates which you will have for free, and above all we are attentive to your questions and concerns, thank you for choosing us.

Courier DEPRIXA PRO It is a software designed for companies that handle packages and purchases on the internet that require a system to monitor the logistics of storage and cargo handling to their final destination, the collection of binding modules that will create automatic billing, according to the dimensions, weight and shape of said cargo handling.

Additional Courier DEPRIXA PRO, The advantage of this software is that it is a web system, allowing it to be accessed from a PC, Tablet or Smartphone possessing an Internet connection.

PDO is the acronym in English for PHP Data Objects. And functionally speaking, it is the set of native PHP functionalities that allow us to fluidly handle connections and manipulate data from a database engine.

Deprixa pro is developed in this beautiful native PHP and PDO programming language, therefore some extensions are not activated in most local and web servers and it is important to take into account the following extensions so that the Deprixa pro script works correctly:

PHP >= 7.3 Recommended
Curl Enabled
helpers/.lic File Permission
helpers/license_lb_helper.php File Permission
JSON PHP Extension
OpenSSL PHP Extension
PDO PHP Extension
XML PHP Extension

Download files

You must enter your account in codecanyon and download the Deprixa pro file.

Upload files

Using FTP Client or directly on your server you upload all the files in the application folder

Very important
  • File permission:
    • STEP 1: Copy/Upload all the files and folders which are inside the folder (applicationV7.3.0-deprixapro) to your web server using cPanel or FTP, if you want to install applicationV7.2.0-deprixapro on your root domain (like then you need to upload the files directly in your root directory (/public_html/) or if you want to install Deprixa pro in a subfolder (like, then upload it in a folder (/public_html/deprixa-pro/)..
    • STEP 2: The folder "config" (present inside application) and "install" folder must have write permissions, so just give the folders write permission (777).
    • STEP 3: Once you are done with the above steps, go to your hosting control panel and create a mysql database, database user and grant relevant permissions to user for this database.
Create database

Create a MySql Database via your web hosting providers Control Panel (e.g. cPanel). Once you have created the database, remember the following information:

  • Database Name
  • Database Username
  • Database Password
  • Database Host

Minimum Requirements

Step-by-step installation

  • STEP 1: Open your web browser and enter your url ( or if files is in your sub directory enter your url with directory name like in the address bar.

  • STEP 2: It is important to enter your CODECANYON account and download the txt or pdf file to copy the purchase code and activate your DEPRIXA PRO product.

  • STEP 3: With the database already created, enter the corresponding information provided by your web server or localhost.
    You must allow all privileges when creating the user for the database.
    When entering all your correct data you give the import button and automatically all the database tables are installed and by default the USER and PASSWORD are the following
  • USERNAME: admin
  • PASSWORD: 09731

Deprixa pro installation video tutorial

Envato purchase code is invalid, please contact support!
When this error occurs there may be several possibilities and they are the following.
  • Wrong purchase code and user
  • Invalid or blocked purchase code
  • Invalid or bad codecanyon user

Server is unavailable at the moment, please try again
When this error occurs there may be several possibilities and they are the following.
  • When the verification connection is generated the internet is slow
  • The ip address of the client's server has some blockage for security, you should ask your hosting provider for help
  • Some servers in specific countries the servers have blocks from other countries that do not allow connection to verify APIS, in this case you should ask your hosting provider for help to remove that restriction.
    The web servers have 2 IP's must be blocked or they have no restriction

General company settings

PHPMailer offers many functionalities over the PHP core function mail(), including SMTP SSL encryption and authentication, HTML messages, file attachments and more.

On top of that, PHPMailer is much easier to use than mail() and provides a clean, readable object-oriented syntax.

Using PHPMailer with Hostinger SMTP

Once you have DEPRIXA PRO installed on your web server you can use the SMTP function as follows:

  • STEP 1: Create an email account by accessing your hPanel, then go to Email account -> Create a new Email account. Fill in the new email address and set a password before clicking Create.

  • STEP 2: When you're done, pay attention to your SMTP data located in the same section:

SMTP mail configuration details
SMTP mail configuration details
  • Mail address:
  • Email password: 1234567889
  • Mail Host:
  • Mail Port:Recommended 587
  • Mail Encryption:Recommended TLS

To get the Client ID and the Secret Key from Paypal you need a Paypal account

Create Developer (Sandbox) account

  • STEP 2: After you have logged in, create a Sandbox Business Account to be able to make test payments later.

Create Paypal App

  • STEP 3: If you have created a sandbox account, click on "My Apps and Credentials" in the menu on the left and then on "Create App".

  • STEP 4: Give your Paypal app a name and choose your previously created developer (sandbox) account. After you have finished, click on "Create App".

Paypal App Client ID and Secret Key

  • STEP 5: As soon as the app is created, the details of the app you just created will open. You should now see the Client ID and an option (Show) below to see the Secret Key.

  • STEP 6: To switch between Live and Sandbox click first on "My Apps & Credentials" in the left main menu then click on Live or Sandbox and then on the desired app you want to know the Client and Secret keys. Note that Sandbox and Live have different Client IDs and Secret Keys.

To get the Publishable Key and the Secret Key from Stripe, you need an account at Stripe (

  • STEP 1: Open the following website and click on "Sign in".

  • STEP 2: Now that you have logged in to Stripe, the dashboard opens. In the left menu, first click on "Developers" and then on "API keys".

Retrieve Publishable Key and Secret Key

  • STEP 3: Once you have clicked on "API keys", the page with the API keys opens. Under Standard Keys you will see the Publishable Key and above the Secret Key there is a button "Reveal live key token". Now click on it to display the secret key.

Sandbox and Live mode

  • STEP 4: To switch Stripe to the Sandbox (Test Payments) mode or Live (Real Payments) mode, click on "View test data" in the left menu. Note that Sandbox and Live Mode have different keys.

Important to Note
When you sign up on Paystack, we encourage you to test out our platform, so you can fully understand the payment flow before activating your account. This is why we have the Test Mode available. In Test Mode, you can carry out transactions using a test card or bank account that is provided on the test payment page.

How To Get Your Live API Keys

  • STEP 1: In order to get your Live API Keys, simply go to your dashboard settings and click on the API Keys & Webhooks tab.  Scroll to where it says "API Configuration - Live Mode", here you will find your Live Secret Key and Live Public Key as captured below:

Important to Note

  • You can only toggle to "Live Mode" if your account has been activated. Please follow this link  to learn more about how to activate your Paystack account.

What is the Callback URL?

  • STEP 2: The callback URL is a web address of where you want your customers to be redirected to after a successful payment is made. This could be your social media page, your website - you can even redirect them to send you a message on Whatsapp! If you would like to set up a callback URL simply paste the link in the appropriate callback URL field.

Request to enable your Twilio numbers for WhatsApp

To start using WhatsApp Business API with Twilio in production, you need to enable your Twilio numbers for WhatsApp. We’ll use the information in the form below to assist you with onboarding.

You will need your Facebook Business Manager ID to initiate a request authorizing Twilio to message on your behalf. Read our docs for details on how to get this info.

To learn more about the WhatsApp onboarding process, please refer to our docs. Please note that WhatsApp has final discretion to approve companies to use the API.

Note: ISVs and SIs must follow a separate process. Learn more.

Create a free account on Twilio

  • STEP 1: It is important to have a valid email account to create your account in Twilio, please enter the following link to register register now

Verify you´re a human to start your free trial

  • STEP 2: It is important to enter your email account that you provided when registering with twilio and there activate your free twilio account.

Verify you´re a human to start your free trial

  • STEP 3: It is important to enter your cell phone number and verify it with twilio. In this way, you must go to a text message and enter the code sent and your cell phone number will be activated correctly.

Verify you´re a human to start your free trial

  • STEP 4: You must go to text messages and verify there the activation code of the cell phone number, in this way it would be active and ready to be used after other configurations for whatsapp.

My first Twilio account Dashboard

  • STEP 5: For twilio it is very important to know what you want to do with the whatsapp api and therefore you must fill out the form as it is in the example:

Welcome to twilio

  • STEP 6: After verifying all the email steps, Twilio cell phone activating your account, in this way you can enjoy your dashbaoar, normally you must take into account the ACCOUNT SID data later, it will be requested later to register with whatsapp and request authorization for your number .

Important to Note

  • From this moment, the most important thing to activate the whatsapp account begins and you must follow the following very important steps:
    • In the left side menu click on PROGRAMMABLE MESSAGING

Whatsapp enabled senders

  • STEP 7: In this step it should be taken into account that configuring the account well means that you will be very well, please follow the following steps:

Important to Note

  • When you click on these items you must go to the following link to fill it out and according to this you must provide the data that will be in some links, please read and this way everything will work out very well:
    • Click on Senders
    • Click on WhatsApp Senders
    • Click on the button sign up to request access to go to the next questionnaire and thus activate your account number of whatsapp.

Request to enable your Twilio numbers for WhatsApp

This form must be filled out to obtain permission from the whatsapp company, you must configure the following apsos:

Please configure the following steps in this way the WhatsApp number will be available very soon to be used for notifications.

Create a free account on Twilio

  • STEP 1: In this module you must fill in all the fields of the form, this implies that you can activate your whatsapp account, please follow the demo link to activate your whatsapp account.

  • The first thing you will want to do is fill out the WhatsApp API request form located here: Complete WhatsApp form
  • Have on hand the code TWILIO ACCOUNT SID: Your primary Twilio Account SID. To find your Account SID, log into the console click the “Home” button, and locate your Account SID on the top right on the page. If this is a Flex account, use your Flex Project Sid.
  • Facebook Business Manager ID: You can find this ID by following this link, or logging into > clicking “Business Settings” > "Business Info" > Look for the Business Manager ID. (More information about submitting your Facebook Business Manager ID)
  • "I've completed Facebook Business Verification": Learn more about Facebook's verification process documentation.
  • "I understand Twilio can modify my SMS/Voice URL and that approval is only for the brand submitted": Twilio may momentarily use your Twilio number’s SMS or Voice URL to register your number with WhatsApp.

Deprixa Pro - UPDATE

For this new version of Deprixa pro 7.5.3, the entire script has been modified where modules were corrected, new modules and functions were added that improve the structure of the script in PHP and PDO, in addition to this, new tables and fields were created in the database.

For many developers who have modified previous versions adding their own modules would be difficult because it is not just copy and replace and it would not work due to changes in the whole script for its improvement.

It is important for any change in the minimum script you have to have basic programming knowledge.

How to update files and folders?

If you are using an older version please make a backup copy of all your files and database and then do the following:

  • Download the new version and install again 100% on your server, so you will avoid errors.
  • Go to your backup and look for the folders doc_signs, driver_files, files, order_files, pre_alert_files, these folders copy and paste them into the new installation that way you will get your photos, attachments.
  • Go to your backup and look for the folder assets/css_main_deprixa/images... and copy and paste into the new installation, you will get the login images, logs...
  • Go to your backup and find the folder assets/payment_packages.. copy and paste the general payment attachments into the new installation
  • Go to your backup and look for the folder assets/uploads/..... here are the images like logos and customer profiles copy and paste into the new installation. NOTE: you must see the link of the logo that does correspond in the settings database - logo

How to update previous version database?

As a minimum requirement is to know basic programming for this very important change, the new database has new tables and new fields in the tables and you must do the following for your previous version database to work:

  • In your localhost or web server create 2 sample databases and upload your previous version database and in the other sample database upload the new version and you will compare the two databases, how many tables they have, see image.
  • In the previous version image there are 40 tables and in the new version there are 44 tables in the database, you must search in detail which tables are missing in the previous version.
  • example in the new database you will open the table and export it, then you go to your previous database and import that table, in this way you add the tables that are needed
  • example in the new database you will open the table and export it, then you go to your previous database and import that table, in this way you add the tables that are needed
  • In the following image you will see that I have compared 2 cdb_address_shipments tables in both versions, if you look at the previous one there are 11 fields and in the new one there are 13 fields I have marked in the new 2 fields that you must add in the previous one, you just have to add 2 new fields in your old database and call them exactly as the image shows. NOTE: when creating the fields, look very carefully and take into account the configuration of the name, type, collation, attributes, null, so it would be without errors later.

  • NOTE: both databases must be reviewed in all the tables and know if there are new fields and create them in the previous version database.